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A Perfect Liberal Storm: When Executive, Legislative and Media Enjoin

Author: Barry Secrest


Product Details:

  • Paperback--314 pages
  • Publisher--Refocus Publishing (07/13/2010)
  • Language--English
  • ISBN--1453667369

Product Description:

From Change We Can Believe in to Change We Simply Cannot Believe. The United States of America, a Republic founded on principles of freedom, liberty and opportunity has experienced a crippling series of governmental assaults over the past year-plus that has left its People shaken, uncertain, and struggling. But the American Spirit is strong, and from the ashes of this Constitutional onslaught, the will of the People is rising. A Perfect Liberal Storm: When Executive, Legislative, and Media Enjoin, presents our experience of the first year of the Obama Administration as chronicled by web columnist Barry Secrest. Offering witty commentary, keen cultural insights, and sharp political analysis, A Perfect Liberal Storm is a shrewdly-critical, often emotionally impactful journey through the maelstrom of changes the United States experienced throughout 2009-2010: Healthcare reform, global warming scandals, economic disasters, government expansion and take-over of private sector businesses, Mainstream Media complacency, the rise of the Tea Party, and the fall of one liberty after another into the hands of an Administration with a chillingly clear agenda. Along with Conservative Media heavy-hitters such as Beck, Hannity, Levin and Limbaugh, Barry Secrest has emerged as a strong champion of Conservative values. Always grounded in the basic principles of the Charters of Freedom, this engaging and highly relevant recount of events provides a crucial reminder of all that is at stake as the November 2010 elections draw near.



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